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Goods2Go™ is wholly owned by Atlas Courier Express™ (UK) Ltd

Having identified the need for dedicated transport services without the associated costs, we have now introduced Goods2Go™, a dedicated portal where you can allow pre-approved transport companies throughout the country to effectively bid for your work, hence reducing costs dramatically.

Unlike other web sites that allow anybody to bid for your transport requirements, regardless of their ability or experience, with Goods2Go™ your only point of contact is with us, eliminating the need for you to sift through many emails. All hauliers place their bids with us for your shipment and we select the most suitable haulier at the best price using our wealth of experience and knowledge in the haulage industry.

At any point during the working day there are thousands of vehicles traveling around the United Kingdom with empty space, by utilising this space efficiently and effectively it is possible to move goods throughout the United Kingdom at vastly reduced costs, in much the same way as airlines sell off empty space on aircraft. By harnessing the power of the Internet in association with various trade organisations it is now possible to offer this service to all companies who have Goods2Go™
Using the space effectively also lowers your carbon footprint, saving both money and the environment.

All goods are fully and properly insured by us eliminating many of the pitfalls in this insurance minefield. See our terms and Conditions paragraph 12.1

This service avoids the damage caused by the constant loading and unloading of goods to and from vehicles and warehouses associated with overnight delivery services currently available, and is particularly suited to unusually shaped loads.

Atlas Courier Express™ (UK) Ltd
has been trading for just under twenty years during which time we have grown to be one of the largest courier companies in the United Kingdom; Much of this growth can be attributed to recommendations throughout the haulage industry, this has led to us acquiring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the shipment of all types of goods throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, as a result we have also built a vast database of tried and tested hauliers and courier companies across the United Kingdom with whom we are in regular contact.

You can call us on 0845 070 1780 or register your Goods2Go™ on our registration form.


Unusual Shaped
Loads catered for

We achieve this by utilising vehicles from our various offices and also via our in-vehicle web update service with our colleagues from The National Courier Association and Despatch Association membership. All of these members are very carefully vetted by both organisations and also independently by us before they are allowed to handle your goods thereby maintaining the high standards Atlas Courier Express™ (UK) Ltd have become known for.


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