Making careful handling affordable
Goods2Go™ allows you to match your delivery requirements with empty space on delivery vehicles traveling all over the UK and Europe Saving an average of 50% off the normal delivery price. This will also help the environment reducing empty vehicles and wasted load space, see our Carbon Neutral info.
How to register your Goods2Go™
  1. Register your Goods2Go™ delivery requirements for free
  2. We take bids from our Hauliers on your behalf
  3. We select the most suitable haulier and best price for you

The benefits of using Goods2Go™

  1. All your shipments are managed by us
  2. All carriers are chosen by us from our list of tried and
    tested hauliers built up over 20 years experience in the haulage industry
  3. All goods are fully insured by us up to £30,000.00 per shipment

How Goods2Go™ works

We match YOUR consignment with another clients going in the same direction, enabling you to effectively share the cost of a dedicated vehicle.


We put your load on one of our partners' vehicles who have just delivered in your area, they will then deliver your goods on the way home, effectively sharing the cost of a dedicated vehicle.


This avoids the constant handling of goods to and from warehouses and vehicles, eliminating the main cause of loss and damage associated with conventional overnight services


Unusual Shaped
Loads catered for


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